Team and Credits

Space Investigators was put together by a large team and supported by multiple institutions.

Core Team

Project Lead & Principal Investigator: Vicky Fawcett (Newcastle University)

Project co-lead: Chris Harrison (Newcastle University)

The Great North Museum: Hancock team: for their help putting the exhibition together, in particular Paul Fox

Holly Middleton-Spencer (Historical Research; Birmingham University/Newcastle University)

Patrick O'Neill (Co-ordinating of Lego ELT, JWST Mirror Model; Newcastle University)

Samuel Ward (Co-ordinating, Editing and Producing Interviews; Newcastle University)

Devang Liya (Webmaster; Newcastle University)

Beth Gould (Spotter-Scope Interactive; Newcastle University)

Helen Green (Adminstrative Support; Newcastle University)

Tom Coulson (Technician; Newcastle University)

Koonkor Suttikoon (Green Screen Interactive; Durham University)

Eamon Scullion (CubeSat Interactive; Northumbria University)

Edward Bentley (CubeSat Interactive; Northumbria University)

Jethro Vernon (CubeSat Interactive; Northumbria University)

Leigh Harrison (Newall Telescope Model; Independent) 

Houda Haidar (Branding Concepts & School Workshops; Newcastle University)

Federica Nardini (School Workshops; Newcastle University)

Francesco Sergio (School Workshops; Durham University)

Rose Shepherd (School Workshops; Newcastle University)

Liv McCready (Designing School Workshops & Accessibility for Exhibition; Newcastle University)

Vibha Gaddi (Designing School Workshops  & Accessibility for Exhibition; Newcastle University)

Wider Team

Contributions are many from the wider team, including: helping to develop, design and build resources; helping with the text for the exhibition; contributing to the set-up of the museum exhibition; supporting artefacts; being interviewed for astronomer showcase video. 

Jurgen Schmoll (Durham University)

Cyril Bourgenot (Durham University)

Richard Binns (Northumbria University)

Paul Branch (Newcastle University)

Cora Uhlemann (Newcastle University)

Rose Shepherd (Newcastle University)

Ann Njeri (Newcastle University)

Andrea Dawson (Newcastle University)

Katy Hartley (Durham University)

Sownak Bose (Durham University)

Isbel Wright (Northumbria University)

Tom Stallard (Northumbria University)

Ivan Almeida (Newcastle University)

Melissa Ewing (Newcastle University)

Carola Zanoletti (Newcastle University)

Carolyn Mill (Newcastle University)

Manthos Giouvanakis (Newcastle University)

Other Advise & Support

We have had lots of support and advise from many people. This includes providing suggestions and ideas, loaning artefacts, and providing financial support; facilitating purchases etc. 

Bethan Ross (Centre for Life)

David Hughes (David-Hughes Astronomy)

Martin Ward (Durham University)

Dave Alexander (Durham University)

Lorraine Coghil (Durham University)

Catherine Johns (Kielder Observatory)

Eleanor Macdonald (Kielder Observatory)

Hannah Mattherson (Kielder Observatory)

Will Herschel-Shorland (Independent) 

Aishwarya Girdhar (Newcastle University / LMU)

David Rosario (Newcastle University)

Lina Castiblanco Tolosa (Newcastle University)

Angela Dyson (Newcastle University)

Fanis Matsopoulos (Independent)

David Ettie (Sunderland Astronomical Society)

Chris Duffy (Sunderland Astronomical Society)

Franic Gotto (Durham University)

Liz Gregson (VIEWS Group)

Richard Boggie (VIEWS Group)

Jiabao He (VIEWS Group)

Maureen Sheehan (ex. Grubb Parsons)

Rachel Lambert (Newcastle Children's Vision Team)

Kat Carr (Newcastle Children's Vision Team)

Amrit Singh (Independent)

Michael Beaty (Newcastle University)

Emma Hunter (Independent)

Matt Taylor (Newcastle University)

Daniel Allinson (Newcastle University)

Helen Clough (Newcastle University)

James McCoughlin (Northumbria University)

Patrick Antolin (Northumbria University)

WIll Chueng (Twice Brewed Observatory)

Jennifer Axon (Jesmond Park Academy)

Lucy Flanagan (Victoria Lane Academy)

Sam Cutts (Laygate Community School)

Natalie Moffat (Laygate Community School)

John Nichol (Independent)

Kimberly Hodkinson (Newcastle Library)

Sponsors and Partners

Newcastle University

Tyne & Wear Archives and Museums 

Durham University

Northumbria University

Kielder Observatory

Science and Technology Facilities Council